White Label Products

Finished Goods That Boost Your Bottom Line

To scale your brand and win in today’s marketplace, you need to know what’s next. At Folium Biosciences, our white label solutions are developed by hemp experts who bring a global view from outside categories. With collaboration, innovation, and pioneered methodologies, our unparalleled finished goods continue to drive the hemp industry’s future. Discover our list of white label products that are backed by a quality, consistency, and compliance that you will only find when you partner with Folium.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Salve Product Page >

The skin is one of our biggest organs. Utilizing a topical product is one way to target specific areas of the body with pinpoint accuracy. Our salves are created with soothing, calming properties that offer the ultimate sense of well-being during times of recovery.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Softgels Product Page >

Folium Biosciences is dedicated to improving how hemp and other natural ingredients are used to support wellness throughout a consumer’s day. Our softgels provide a smart natural option that supplement your consumers CBD need with ease.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Dog Chews Product Page >

Give canines all the benefits of CBD with our flavorful dog chews uniquely formulated with our Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Water Soluble innovation. Superior results in a tasty dog-approved treat.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Dog Supplement Hip & Joint Tablet >

Folium Biosciences is dedicated to improving how hemp, other natural ingredients, and nutraceuticals are used to support our pets’ health. Taken daily, Folium’s Hip & Joint Tablet is a multi-functional approach to maintaining mobility.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Dog Supplement Calming Tablet >

Support the vitality of your consumer’s four-legged friends with Folium Biosciences’ Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Dog Supplement Calming Tablets for a chill that leaves a lasting impression.


Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Pet Sprays Product Page >

Our Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Pet Spray solutions are a veterinarian-formulated approach designed with one thing in mind, pet health. Explore daily supplementation that keeps pet consumers restored and happy.


Horse and Animal Pellets Product Page >

The go-to solution for a various of livestock and horses, Folium’s hemp pellets have an enjoyable taste and are guaranteed to provide optimal support to your client’s animals and their endocannabinoid system.

Ready to Scale Your Brand?

Were always working to provide our partners with products that stay ahead of marketplace evolution. To take advantage of our current offerings and stay in the know of what’s coming soon, get in touch with our customer service team today by calling 719.574.2159