Broad Spectrum CBD Water Soluble Technology

Scalable water soluble CBD manufacturing

Patent Pending Water Soluble CBD Formula

We have several proprietary wholesale CBD water-soluble options for our customers to choose from. Our water-soluble technology is used to create a broad spectrum liquid or powder. Our water soluble CBD is not a CBD isolate product but retains a braod spectrum  and is still THC-free (0.0%).

When our CBD hemp oil is converted into a water-soluble liquid, it quickly goes into the solution, forming nano CBD droplets with an average size of 10-100 nanometers, providing a high surface area. This results in a superior ingredient for our customers to formulate with.

Our standard Broad Spectrum bulk cbd water-soluble liquid contains 20% CBD, other minor phytocannabinoids, and terpenes. It is intended for dissolution immediately prior to consumption and for manufacturing of slurries, semi-solid, and solid products.

Our standard bulk water soluble liquid CBD formula is made with Broad Spectrum hemp oil and emulsifiers. It contains 7.5% CBD for flavored beverage formulations and semisolid formulations, or 35% for cosmetic applications.

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