Safe Efficient Ingredients That Help Change Lives

At Folium Biosciences, we aim to help support quality of life for people around the world. Science, research, development, and innovation get us there by bringing new solutions to market that meet the needs of even the most stringent cannabinoid regulations.

With extensive experience backing our API, our hemp-derived ingredients and custom support services will help you get to market faster with solutions that take you further.

Hemp Oil Ingredients

Answering global pharmaceutical needs takes more than just the right ingredients. It takes the right partnership.

When you partner with Folium Biosciences, you gain access to trusted scalability to meet demand, unparallel technical background and proficiencies, secured supply chain, proprietary CO2 extraction, and chromatography methodologies to take you to the next level.

“Our pharmaceutical partners rely on us not only for superior CBD ingredients, but also for our unique knowledge of the pharmaceutical product development process. More than a supplier, we are a development partner. Our team has been conducting clinical research in cannabinoids since the start of the industry, which means that we understand exactly what a pharmaceutical company needs to have in place when it comes to securing approvals from global ethical commissions and regulatory bodies. We believe that critical insight and experience is as essential to CBD product success as is our unrivaled quality.”

-Vanesa Fernandez, PhD
Chief Science Officer

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Folium Biosciences Global API Adoption

Since securing its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) license, Folium Biosciences’ CBD API has been widely adopted for pharmaceutical formulations worldwide in countries with stringent cannabinoid regulations–including Australia, New Zealand, and South America.