Personal Care

Unearthing Wellness as Mother Nature Intended

At Folium Biosciences, we believe that nature provides some of the best ingredients available. We have taken a deep dive into the growing demand and enthusiasm for CBD beauty and personal care products to ensure that your consumers have the best hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients there is to offer for a mindful approach that meets all lifestyle needs.

When you partner with Folium Biosciences, you tap into a world of beneficial molecules through our hemp oil ingredients or finished goods that scale your brand and enhance performance.

Bulk Hemp Delivery

From field to consumer, at Folium, we believe that effective self-care solutions start at the root. To bridge the gap between wellness and nature, we offer high-performing multifunctional botanicals that tackle our marketplace’s challenges and keep up with changing consumer preferences. Join us in leading the way into a new era of hemp success. Choose from our bulk listing below, and let’s expand your brand.

White Label Product Solution

Consumers value guilt-free, feel-good cannabinoid products they can trust. Our novel formulation has been developed to inspire consumers and answer the need to deliver on specific personal care needs. Explore our white label offering that goes beyond skin deep. Get started now by clicking the linked product below.