Our Guide: How a Trusted Hemp Partner Can Strengthen Your Business


Deciding which hemp cannabinoid manufacturer to partner with is one of the most significant decisions that a business owner of a hemp consumer brand will ever make. From the top down, each decision that hemp cannabinoid manufacturers and suppliers make will ultimately reflect on your business. After all, youʼre selling these products with CBD, CBG or CBN to your customers, and theyʼre trusting you with their wellness. Itʼs essential to make sure that every step of the process — from farming to manufacturing — is current with licenses, certifications, and that third-party lab testing is completed. But even more importantly, the manufacturer you choose must deliver on the science of its product, the scale in their offering, and innovation. Are they looking beyond the current market trends? These are the cornerstones of what makes up Folium Biosciences, and we believe these are vital questions you should be asking any potential partner.

A manufacturerʼs reputation depends on its compliance with federal law, the use of best farming practices, and transparency with seed-to-sale cycle tracking. Weʼll discuss the characteristics of good hemp oil manufacturers, Certificates of Analysis (COAs) data you should be looking for, and how Folium Biosciences can help your company become one of the top consumer hemp cannabinoid brands in the market!

How to Choose an Industrial Hemp Manufacturer

When starting Folium Biosciences, our mission was to help people live healthier and happier lives – a goal you canʼt accomplish with subpar hemp cannabinoid suppliers. Beyond being a trusted source for raw ingredients and white-labeled finished goods, we also pride ourselves on being a partner from ideation to formulation. In other words, we have a depth of expertise that allows us to help our customers answer the question, “Is this possible?” and explore even the most ambitious and creative ideas. We understand these compoundsʼ intricacies at an unparalleled level, empowering us to help our customers create custom formulations and establish themselves as leaders in their sector.

Here are the top things to look for in an industrial hemp manufacturer with these partnership thoughts in mind.

Product Quality

There are various factors to consider when it comes to CBD, CBG, or CBN, but our number one priority is product quality. What you typically see on the market these days are three main varieties, broad spectrum, full spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Which do you think sounds like a better-quality product? If you said broad or full spectrum, youʼd be right. In a broad and full spectrum product, like those from Folium Biosciences, CBDʼs efficacy is amplified. By using these types of products, youʼre getting all the benefits of hemp as nature intended.

Our unique cannabinoid profile is reflected in our Broad Spectrum 0.0% THC hemp oil containing all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes intrinsic to our genetics. We guarantee 80% or more active CBD in our 0.0% THC-free hemp oil and over 30 terpenes, among other beneficial molecules.

Isolate, on the other hand, is just as it sounds, isolating only one of those cannabinoids and removing it from all other components. CBD isolate is CBD in its purest form and is typically ground and sold as a powder. While CBD isolates might be an efficient product and sound like the way to go, youʼre not getting the best quality or benefits as you would from a full or broad spectrum solution with all the molecules working together.

How and Where are They Farming?

Once you have a potential supplier in mind, look at where they sourced their hemp.

Ask questions like:

  • Is it grown sustainably using organic practices?
  • Are crops grown in accordance with the highest cultivation standard?
  • Is this a U.S. farm or cultivated overseas?
  • Do they breed high strains of hemp in compliance with USDA and the state agricultural department?
  • Has the soil been tested?
  • Are they properly rotating crops?
  • Do they have oversight on the farms? Or, do they just purchase biomass off the market?

Knowing how the hemp is sourced defines the plant and gives excellent information on the hemp oil supplierʼs ethical practices. Even state-of-the-art equipment canʼt make up for cutting corners with harvests made from inorganic farm practices.

Folium Delivers the Farmers and Harvest You’ll Need

  • We have been headquartered in La Junta, Colorado, since 2015.
  • Our proprietary high cannabidiol CBD / low THC cultivar provides us with a competitive advantage in the global hemp-derived phytocannabinoid industry.
  • Our non-GMO hemp genetics are grown 100% in the USA. • Foliumʼs products contain a phytocannabinoid- and terpenoid-rich strain.
  • We use sustainable farming practices.
  • We also work with the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Colorado to improve soil and water quality.
  • The integrity of our farming practices is underscored by our perfect track record with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Folium has never failed a compliance test. Our fields have never “run hot” with a THC content of greater than 0.3%.
  • We utilize advanced harvesting techniques for maximum efficiency.
  • We harvest and extract the complete plant for our staple ingredient, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (0.0% THC).
  • We support local farmers and economies.

Cycle Tracking – From Seed to Sale

Every minute of a hemp plantʼs life cycle denotes critical moments in CBD production. Plants are tested continuously until they reach the desired maturity of the richest cannabinoid and terpene profile. Thatʼs why we closely track and monitor our hemp starting in the ground with the soil and the seed.

Our tracking system follows the plant through these stages:

  • Propagation & Seed Creation
  • Cultivation
  • Harvest
  • Extraction
  • Purification
  • Distribution
  • Sales

These tracking systems often contain a combination of written records and software in a single database that can be used by cultivators, processors, manufacturers, transporters, and others involved in the process that provides a thorough history of the product. Bottom line, traceability is KEY!

The Right Licenses and Certifications

While CBD has been largely unregulated thus far, there are specific regulatory licenses and proper manufacturing certifications that the best hemp manufacturers will carry. Only the top CBD companies align with these types of manufacturing facilities. Weʼre no exception!

Regulatory licenses and certificates will vary from state to state. Trusted hemp manufacturers should be clear about the regulatory licenses they carry.

A few regulatory licenses and certificates to keep an eye out for, which Folium has obtained include:

  • Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) Compliant
  • FDA Registered Facility
  • EU Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Licensing
  • ISO Certified Clean Rooms for Processing
  • Kosher Certified
  • Halal Certified

These regulatory licenses and certificates mean that the equipment is in process preventative control. Passing a government inspection confirms that all products made answer customersʼ and stakeholdersʼ needs, while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to CBD. From a state, federal, and even worldwide perspective, we at Folium Biosciences transparently follow all regulatory guidelines.

Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

Each CBD oil batch should be consistent. COAs ensure this quality. These documents provide a thorough breakdown of what is in the hemp extract they’ll be supplying.

  • Phytocannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBDa, CBN, etc.)
  • Terpenes
  • Microbiologicals
  • Mycotoxins
  • Mold
  • Heavy Metals
  • Solvent

Not only do COAs create transparency, but they also ensure that the product contains exactly what it claims. A 2017 study found that almost 70% of CBD products sold online arenʼt labeled correctly, having considerably less or more CBD than advertised. Hemp manufacturers should offer the most recent COAs of all products provided.

As you can see above, COAs are critical, but here are a few other factors that youʼll want to observe. Is the manufacturer monitoring, measuring, and collecting data daily? Are their ingredients and products fully traceable? Do they implement out-of-spec investigations if there is a discrepancy? Is the manufacturer following best practices and staying up-to-date with all regulations? Can they offer that value? And what are they researching in terms of product development? At Folium Biosciences, we have invested in a full infrastructure that supports our science, scale, and innovation. It demands and delivers transparency, quality, and a unique refinement in cutting-edge offerings.

Ask About the Facility

Because our industry has been so unregulated, it means that oil can be extracted pretty much anywhere, and no one would know the difference. When researching hemp cannabinoid manufacturers, make sure that the product theyʼre offering is made in a legitimate manufacturing facility rather than in someoneʼs garage or shed.

Foliumʼs facility canʼt be beaten. This summer, we announced the completion of our 110,000-square-foot Pueblo West build-out. This FDA-registered, state-of-the-art facility is the worldʼs largest cannabinoid extraction and purification facility, and it will produce up to 15,000 kg of 0.0% THC broad spectrum CBD oil each month. Answering the accelerating demand for safe, high-quality CBD product manufacturers worldwide, our plant has dedicated production lines to meet CBD regulatory requirements in the U.S., EU, and South Korea. Most importantly, our facility was purposely built for extraction, purification, and formulation of cannabinoids and terpenes utilizing our exclusive CO2 technology that delivers the finest hemp-derived, non-psychoactive cannabinoid products on Earth.

A Word on the Benefits of Bulk Material

The ways to take advantage of CBD are nearly endless, but getting started means you will need the right expertise and experience to build from. The longevity of Foliumʼs genetic R&D program, for example, and the resources that our company invests in maintaining the genetic purity of our plants all the way through to our raw ingredients is a significant competitive advantage.

At Folium Biosciences, we preserve all present minor cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes during our extraction process. Our bulk ingredients are ideal for formulation and will help create a unique product in the marketplace. Thanks to our proprietary extraction and purification process, these components together carry a synergistic effect into any manufactured goods.

Defining the Difference

There is a big difference between hemp cannabinoid manufacturers and CBD consumer goods businesses. If youʼre looking to purchase CBD oil products wholesale or for a private label, you are a CBD company. You are looking for a trusted hemp-derived cannabinoid manufacturer that can help you realize your companyʼs strategic goals.

Hemp cannabinoid manufacturers are the ones that have the technology necessary to extract CBD oil and utilize all the beneficial molecules of the entire hemp plant. Depending on the manufacturing facility, they can run multiple operations. Understanding these differences is essential for running your business

More on Manufacturing

Before you get too far into vetting potential hemp cannabinoid manufacturers, figure out what type of cannabinoid oil products you want to sell. Then determine if their manufacturing facility can accommodate your requests.

For instance, some companies specialize in full spectrum hemp extracts. Thatʼs where all cannabinoids remain in the formula, including THC.

Other manufacturing facilities are capable of removing THC. 0.0% THC products, like Folium Biosciencesʼ, are considered broad spectrum. Broad spectrum CBD oil requires cutting-edge technology that selectively removes THC.

As previously mentioned, Folium uses supercritical CO2 for extraction to efficiently produce large quantities of oil, giving us unparalleled scalability. We utilize liquid chromatography in our purification process, which gently removes THC while leaving the broad spectrum profile of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and synergistic compounds intact.

Is a CBD Company Different than a Supplier?

If you are selling CBD, you are a CBD company. Therefore, some of the largest hemp manufacturers in the world are also the top CBD companies. However, some hemp manufacturers provide top CBD companies with the phytocannabinoids necessary to make their own unique product line.

Being this type of CBD company still offers a great experience. Thatʼs why you might be better suited to join a Wholesale or White Label Program. Within this type of program, hemp suppliers give you the products you need to run your own CBD business.

You use their products and resources, but itʼs your brand name on the bottle. Your CBD company is free to market what you receive from your hemp suppliers however you please!

4 Reasons to Choose Folium Biosciences as Your CBD Supplier – and Your Industrial Hemp Manufacturer

When choosing the right CBD supplier, remember, not all hemp is created equal. Itʼs a difficult decision, and we get it. But thatʼs why Folium Biosciences is here to make your decision a no-brainer.

  1. Quality

At Folium, we carefully cultivate and control our broad spectrum CBD at every stage in the growing and manufacturing cycle – from seed to processing to raw material and finished product manufacturing. Our team understands the science of superior cannabinoid production at an incredibly in-depth and expert level. Very few companies have the big-picture perspective, total oversight, and level of transparency across the system that we do.

Our vertically integrated approach also translates into consistency. The fact that Folium puts out so much raw material so quickly and incredibly consistently is a huge differentiator for our customers who are introducing their own product lines.

Folium’s quality is a unique practice:

  • We’re one of the first hemp companies to be issued Certificate of Free Sale and a Manufactured Food Establishment License by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
  • Setting the industry standard for analytical test methodology
  • Full suite of testing at every step of vertical integration process including biomass, oil and finished goods
  • Passing all third-party audits by clients
  1. Science

For Folium, the difference starts in the ground. We began our breeding and growing sciences with a singular, proprietary hemp strain. Since then, Foliumʼs hemp strains have evolved significantly by introducing other genetics from a wide range of diverse hemp strains. This approach strengthens our proprietary strains by keeping the genetics robust and healthy.

  • Patented and proprietary extraction and purification processes
  • Leading clinical trials with Folium Biosciences products
  • Folium Biosciences clinical incubator
  • Team of FDA investigators answering the critical questions for the next evolution in cannabinoids
  1. Innovation

When it comes to quality, from seed to sale, Folium never stops working to deliver the worldʼs most advanced 0.0% THC Broad Spectrum CBD today and making critical investments in innovation to deliver the ground-breaking hemp-based products of tomorrow. Your customers want a go-to hemp product for every part of their day, and with a Folium partnership, they will find it.

The Best in Bulk: Our dedicated R&D team offers customized bulk ingredient solutions advanced form factors tailor-made for every end use.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

Our Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil (o.o% THC) contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in our hemp genetics. With more than 80% CBD, the 0.0% THC oil uses the intrinsic synergistic properties of our unique cultivar. The extraction and purification process uses a proprietary technology that preserves terpenes and plant lipids, while eliminating unwanted ∆9-THC, waxes, and chlorophyll. A rigorous quality control and testing regimen are followed to ensure that critical attributes such as taste, color, potency, and purity consistently meet cGMP and customer requirements. We can dilute our standard oil to your desired potency.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is made with naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in our hemp genetics.

Water Soluble Liquid

Our Water Soluble Powder (WSP) formulation is developed through our proprietary emulsion technology. Available in 20% CBD and designated for use in foods that need uniform dispersibility in a hydrophilic medium, such as ready-to-drink beverages. This formulation has been designed for immediate dissolution in water before use and for the manufacturing of semisolid and solid products.

Water Soluble Powder

Our Water Soluble Powder (WSP) formulation is developed through our proprietary emulsion technology. Available in 20% CBD and designated for use in foods that need uniform dispersibility in a hydrophilic medium like ready to drink beverages. This formulation has been designed for immediate dissolution in water before use and for the manufacturing of semi-solid and solid products.


Our HydroPCR™ formulation is developed through our proprietary emulsion technology. It is available in 4% CBD and designated for use in topicals and cosmeceutical applications. It is made with Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil that is rich in cannabinoids and contains reduced amounts of natural surfactants. The manufacturing process uses technology that incorporates our Broad Spectrum Hemp (0.0% THC ) into emulsions with a droplet size of <100nm.

  1. Scale

The need for safe, high-quality, truthful cannabinoid products has never been greater, and weʼre not only setting the stage for continued growth, but weʼre here to help make it happen. Folium Biosciences is unlocking the full potential of hemp and is committed to delivering highly refined 0.0% THC Broad Spectrum Oil with transparency, excellence, and expertise you wonʼt find anywhere else in the market.

Ready to Partner?

The best part of partnering with Folium Biosciences is that the hard part is done. We have all of our licenses and certificates in line, our COAs are on hand for the ultimate transparency, and we are seasoned experts with our full seed-to-sale cycle. Now the fun is up to you. Have you been dreaming up a possible new formulation? Want to see your brand on something already done? Then letʼs get started. With Folium Biosciences as your CBD supplier, get ready to become an industry leader. Now itʼs time to make that vision happen. Contact your Folium representative or get in touch with one of our specialists by calling 719.574.2159 or by emailing hello@foliumbiosciences.com.

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