New CDPHE Guidelines For Industrial Hemp Products


Starting July 1st, 2021, new CDPHE testing requirements go into effect. These are positive changes that will increase safety throughout the hemp supply chain. We’ve reviewed the new guidelines and picked the essential points to share.

As we advance, there may be additional costs and additional 4-5 days needed as and tests for heavy metals, microbial, and mycotoxins are now a requirement. Testing labs are still in the process of getting certified and may add additional time to get lab results returned.

Products affected by the changes

  • Unfinished (bulk) industrial hemp product intended for human use or consumption
  • Finished (packaged) and unfinished (bulk) industrial hemp products manufactured and sold in retail stores in Colorado
  • Finished (packaged) hemp products for human use or consumption (cosmetics, dietary supplements, food, or additives)
  • This does not apply to companies that are manufacturing hemp-derived products that are not intended for human consumption
  • It does not apply to smokable or inhalable products

Broad-Spectrum THC levels

  • Broad-spectrum CBD can not test above 0.01% THC
  • Full Spectrum CBD can not test above 0.03% THC

Testing labs must now be CDPHE Certified

  • A CDPHE-certified laboratory shall perform analytical testing in accordance with the department’s State Public Health Laboratory, Disease Control and Public Health Response Division’s, Hemp Testing Laboratory Certification
  • Previous to July 1st, companies could do 2021 testing at any lab

COA is now required

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the testing laboratory to the manufacturer to demonstrate proper purity and potency compliance
  • The COA’s must be kept by the testing lab and manufacturer for three years

Changes to labeling

Additional Testing requirements

  • Testing will now have stricter tolerances along with additional testing for microbial, pesticides, and heavy metals
  • You can find additional items here on the CDPHE site

As your partners, please make sure to contact us with any questions and let us ensure you do not lose resources going through this new process!

Looking forward to producing safe products together!

Your Folium Biosciences Team

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