Global Solutions Within Your Reach

To win in today’s evolving hemp marketplace, you need to know what’s next. Folium Biosciences’ proprietary processes, methodologies, and extensive knowledge base of experts worldwide give us an edge on what will impact consumer CBD culture and drive emerging market opportunities globally. As your partner, we will work to inspire new ideas and solutions that will propel your business to the next level as a hemp-derived cannabinoid leader.

Bulk Hemp Delivery

With unparalleled ingredient quality and scalability, Folium Biosciences is creating value in unlocking your hemp business potential and enriching the lives of your consumers no matter where they may be. To meet that demand and deliver on our promise, our Broad Spectrum Hemp Stalk Oil is the latest in our full range of country-specific customized products. We are also one of few companies that are also authorized to provide the international pharmaceutical industry with active ingredients for developing CBD-based drugs – our cannabinoid Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Take a deeper dive into our global offering with the links to our product pages below.

Folium Biosciences Introduces Broad Spectrum Hemp Stalk Oil

As we continue to unlock the full potential of hemp, we’re proud to unveil our Broad Spectrum Hemp Stalk Oil. Our Stalk Oil is the latest example of Folium’s continued investment in R&D to exploit new parts of the hemp plant to support the development and growth of CBD markets around the world.

Folium’s CBD API – Essential Ingredient in Pharmaceutical Formulations Worldwide

Folium Biosciences’ CBD API is produced at the company’s European subsidiary, Folium Biosciences Europe B.V., which is also developing a pipeline of cannabinoid APIs including CBG that is currently in the validation phase.

How to Vet a Trusted Hemp Supplier

If you want to be the leading “go-to” for CBD, you need a manufacturing partner who is on the same page. They must meet and exceed expectations. That’s a high standard, we know, but in the hemp industry, you can’t settle for less. We’ve got the insights to help you find the right one.