Health and Wellness

Helping Support Your Consumers' Lifestyles, Naturally

Folium Biosciences is more than just a hemp-derived cannabinoid manufacturer and supplier. We are a trusted, end-to-end, innovative partner powered by experts who deliver meaningful, cutting-edge products that meet the needs of the marketplace demand and exceed consumer expectations.

With Folium Biosciences, you get a reliable resource for the highest-quality Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil ingredients and products to build future-proof health and wellness cannabinoid solutions.

Bulk Hemp Delivery

Our mission is to help people live healthier and happier lives – a goal you can’t accomplish with subpar hemp cannabinoid business practices. Our team understands the science of superior cannabinoid production at an incredibly in-depth and expert level. Given our collective renewed commitment to health and well-being, we believe demand will continue to be robust. Tapping into the unlimited potential in hemp, Folium Biosciences addresses the need for purposeful cannabinoid offerings that keep the world’s population going. Select one of our offerings (or two) listed below for more on how we can scale your brand.

White Label Product Solutions

CBD consumers have high expectations when it comes to the product choices they make – as they should. Backed by quality, science, scale, and innovation, our premium finished goods offer the opportunity to deliver products that support healthy living while answering regulatory requirements, quality assurance, and meeting all your brand demand. Whether online or in-store, our white label offerings below are proven to take you to the next level. Just click and see.