Functional Food and Beverage

A Bite of Hemp Success – Everything You Need to Succeed

Our team of experts has been researching cannabinoids since the industry began, which means we know our hemp inside and out. Our extensive portfolio of ingredients and finished goods demonstrates just one aspect of our commitment to providing you with the ultimate solutions that will win over your consumers. As your leading partner, we continue to innovate to stay ready to exceed your next challenge and meet your next CBD Food & Beverage success.

Bulk Hemp Delivery

In a time when regulatory standards are constantly in flux, strict adherence to the standards that are in place is more important than ever to ensure consumer safety and that they are getting what they pay for. We believe that creating consumer-winning hemp-derived cannabinoid Foods & Beverages is an art, a science, and, most importantly, a business. We’re proud to deliver the perfect balance for your success. Choose one of the products below and discover how we can help strengthen your position in the Food & Beverage hemp space.

White Label Product Solutions

At Folium Biosciences, we meet product development head-on with a global, customer-centric view of emerging CBD trends because, in order to succeed in our marketplace, we all need to know what consumers will want, today, tomorrow, and beyond. Our deep insights inspire our innovation to find the right solutions to help you answer their demands. Get started now by reviewing our Food & Beverage products offered below.