HydroPCR™ is a 4% PCR Hemp Oil Nanoemulsion from Folium Biosciences. Built with Nano-Enhanced Absorption Technology (NEAT), this fully water-soluble formula was designed to create ready-to- drink, shelf stable beverages and bottled water. It is made with Broad Spectrum THC-free hemp oil rich in phytocannabinoids and contains substantially reduced amounts of natural surfactants compared to previous technologies. The manufacturing process uses a patented technology that breaks down cannabinoids into nanoemulsions 20-100 nm in size. This state-of-the-art solution was designed with the following in mind:

(1) Shelf stability: The plant lipids in HydroPCR™’s 4% PCR Hemp Oil Nanoemulsion play a crucial role in ensuring that the beverage to which it is added, remain shelf stable. This makes it a superior product (compared to isolate) as the plant lipids in the hemp oil slow down Ostwald ripening, leading to 12-24 months of shelf life of the final product.

(2) Bioavailability: Employing NEAT the nano-sized cannabinoid emulsion droplets lead to a much higher surface area, enhancing absorption through sublingual, topical or intestinal routes. Also, the Broad Spectrum hemp oil ensures that the carrier lipids do not break down in the small intestine, resulting in higher bioavailability of the cannabinoids.

(3) Safety: The natural emulsifiers (Quillaja saponaria saponins) used in HypdroPCR™ are derived from the soap bark tree, and are organic, preservative free and Generally Recognized as Safe, GRAS. The very low ratio of cannabinoids to surfactants (approximately 1:1) ensures that only a few milligrams of emulsifiers are consumed with the cannabinoids, resulting in an exceptionally safe and efficacious product.

June, 2017

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