Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Water Soluble Liquid

Product Overview

Folium Biosciences’ Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Water Soluble Liquid formulation is developed through our exclusive emulsion technology, which transforms active cannabinoids into smaller droplets. Available in 35% CBD and designated for use in cosmetic products, Folium’s unique formula is finely engineered to preserve the integrity of your finished product while adding all the beneficial molecules of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Sample Concept Applications


Key Features

  • Broad Spectrum 0.0% THC

  • Water Soluble/Miscible

  • Manufacturing-Ready

  • Kosher

  • Halal

  • 18-Month Shelf Life

  • Manufactured in the USA

Product Details

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil

  • Polysorbate Emulsifiers

  • Water

Contaminant Analysis

  • Heavy Metals: Passes Regulatory Requirements

  • Residual Solvents: Passes Regulatory Requirements


  • Bulk

Emulsion Technology

Folium Biosciences’ emulsions include a proprietary water soluble formula that uses a unique process and optimized composition to manufacture. The small size of Folium’s emulsion hemp oil leads to an increase in the total surface area of the hemp oil droplets. Due to their kinetic stability, emulsions are resistant to phase separation (oil separating from water), thus enabling the formulation of stable products. Hemp oil emulsions can be used in numerous consumer products, especially within the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

How can we help enhance your product cosmetic offering?

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