Animal Wellness

Leveraging the Potential in Hemp to Achieve Your Pet Product Goals

The CBD pet market continues to experience tremendous growth with an ever-evolving demand for new products. Folium Biosciences meets the challenges of safe hemp-derived cannabinoids head-on, with multispecies expertise for nearly all animal needs.

Whether you are looking for hemp oil ingredients to develop your own products or want something to white label, we have a complete range of offerings to scale your pet product line.

Bulk Hemp Delivery

CBD has changed the game for the pet product marketplace. Pet owners in all demographics see their pets as irreplaceable family members, and that’s why there is such incredible growth and traction in hemp pet care. The time is now to optimize growth opportunities in the Animal Wellness space with innovative ingredients developed by our team of experts that ensure your product is unique, effective, and cutting edge. Discover more below on our Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil ingredient solutions that will elevate your products, brand, and bottom line.

White Label Product Solutions

While pet owner and consumer awareness surrounding the benefits of cannabinoids for animals has grown, there is still confusion about these products and their potential. Our goal at Folium is to answer the market need, the consumer need, and, of course, the pet need for safe and truthful products that are developed the right way. We meet quality standards, we meet regulatory standards, and we help you meet consumer standards. Explore our current finished goods by selecting one of the options listed below.