Vertically Integrated, THC Free (0.0%) CBD Wholesaler.

Our Story

Folium Biosciences is the largest known vertically-integrated producer, manufacturer, and distributor of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in North America. We are a B2B, bulk and wholesale supplier of hemp-derived THC Free (0.0%) CBD oil, water-soluble technology,  and CBD products for human wellness and animal health.

Our company was founded in 2014 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and was one of the first companies in the United States to receive a legal license to grow, process and distribute industrial hemp. We are fully licensed and registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. All of our Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) hemp is grown in full compliance with the landmark Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the 2018 Federal Farm Bill.

Folium Biosciences is the world’s first hemp company issued a Certificate of Free Sale. These certifications help establish Folium Biosciences as the industry’s premier hemp company for manufacturing, processing and fulfilling of Folium Biosciences’ phytocannabinoid-rich bulk CBD oil, water-soluble technologies and finished food products. 

We supply our unique THC Free (0.0%) Broad Spectrum CBD oil and advanced ingredients to diverse industries including the supplement, cosmetic, personal care, and animal health industries.

Folium Biosciences has over 300K square feet of manufacturing space in southern Colorado which supports processing, extraction, and purification operations.

Most recently, Folium Biosciences successfully acquired FeyeCon Development and Implementation, BV and FeyeCon, BV (“FeyeCon”), located in Amsterdam. B.V. FeyeCon is one of Amsterdam’s first licensed cannabis researchers and developers and designs and fabricates custom, state-of-the-art, large scale processing equipment and supercritical CO2 extraction machinery.

By manufacturing our own custom extraction, refinement and post refinement equipment, we enjoy exclusive access to the industry’s most  advanced and state-of-the-art extraction equipment. This additional level of vertical integration allows Folium Biosciences to control every phase of the production process, from seed to sale.

Our Future

We are proud to announce the upcoming acquisition of our new pharmaceutical division. In addition, Folium Biosciences is entering into joint venture partnerships with hospitals, healthcare teaching facilities, and universities. Folium Biosciences will be engaging in clinical and pharmacology studies, both domestically and internationally.

2019 will also see the construction of Folium Biosciences’ new 170K sq. ft. Canadian facility, with licensing throughout the Queen’s commonwealth. South American facilities are in the developing stages.

Our Passion & Approach

Quality, Consistency, & Transparency is our business.

We pride ourselves on quality, consistency, and transparency from our hemp to the processing of our THC Free (0.0%) Broad Spectrum CBD Oil in our state-of-the-art extraction and purification facilities. Our vertical integration and rigorous quality control allows us to create the best bulk CBD products with the highest potencies and purity. We know how important it is to control the entire supply chain and are dedicated to the transparency and integrity of our entire ‘seed to sale’ process.

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