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Since the 2014 Farm Bill, Folium Biosciences has led the hemp industry, developing proprietary hemp genetics and cultivating the highest-quality hemp ingredients domestically in Colorado.   

Folium’s Broad and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil ingredients and finished goods demonstrate industry standard. Our proprietary CO2 extraction process ensures the preservation of beneficial molecules, while our proprietary chromatographic purification methodology removes undesirable impurities.

  • We are one of the largest hemp CO2 extraction companies in North America

  • Folium is the technological and scientific principal in cannabinoid research, development, and extraction

  • We are vertically integrated to ensure careful supply chain control, traceability, transparency, and legal documentation to demonstrate compliance with all regulations and customer confidence – from seed to sale

  • Folium Biosciences strives to be the biggest global hemp manufacturer of supplements, food products, and individual ingredients

  • We are one of the recipients to earn a Certificate of Health and Free Sale and a Manufactured Food Establishment License from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE)

  • We have partnered with leading national and international distributors to supply pharmaceutical and consumer product industries

  • Folium Biosciences is one of the prominent hemp biomass farmer and hemp utilizers on the planet

Global PharmaceuticaAdoption

Since securing rights to an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) license one yeaago, we are proud to report the broad globaadoption of our CBD API in formulations worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, and South America. 

Answering the Call – Enabling the Right Cannabinoid Solutions for All

Folium serves as the industry’s leading singular source for the most advanced CBD applications and delivery systems on the market, including water soluble liquids and powders, oil and nano tinctures, softgels, and topical formulations. All of our hemp deliverables are manufactured according to the highest industry quality standards to ensure reliability and performance.

Bulk Delivery
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil 0.0% THC

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil HydroPCR™

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Water Soluble Powder

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Water Soluble Liquid
Advanced Products
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

  • Broad Spectrum Stalk Hemp Oil
Nutrition and Wellness Finished Goods
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Soft Gels

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Salves

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Gummies
Animal Wellness
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Dog Chews

  • Dog Supplement Calming Tablet

  • Dog Supplement Hip and Joint Tablet

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Pet Sprays

  • Horse and Animal Hemp Pellets
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